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Learning safe practices to be geared for success!


So, you have skill! Now you're ready to lead a team and need some pointers to get ahead. Jump aboard and take our OSHA-30 where we go over the topic you need to plan out your operations. With foundations of leadership, Workshops and a seasoned instructor, we will get you ready to plan and be successful. Already have your 30? Then browse our other courses to be the best craft employee out in the field. 


Our goal is to empower craft instructors through the expansion of knowledge. Whether you are the owner, operations manager or company trainer we are here to get you what you need to deliver the most impactful training to your team! Together we can custom tailor training for you to deliver or you can use ours. Either way our training puts you in the driver's seat to empower your team. 


If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, this course is perfect for you. We start with our OSHA 10-hour course to get you ready to be on site with the hazard recognition as your best tool. We start learning how to identify hazards and how to make a plan for small operations out in the field. 

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